Sakura Gellyroll SOUFFLE

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  • Souffle® 3-D Opaque Ink Marvelous TWINKLING ink-colors with 1.0mm ball, line width 0.5 mm
  • Smooth-writing, very dense ink and constant ink flow from start to end.
  • No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers. The soft color and raised line of Soufflé® adds vibrant detail and dimension to art and craft projects. Three-dimensional (#D) ink leaves a raised ink line for writing you can feel.
  • Soufflé pens color on plastic, coated paper, acetate, vellum and glass.
  • One-of-a-kind, 3-D Soufflé ink comes in soft pastels and white, all of which dramatically stand out on dark backgrounds.
  • Note: the ink will appear clear until it starts to dry. No need to shake, pump or squeeze – just write slowly to let ample ink flow from the tip and allow time to dry completely. Drying time depends on the surface and varies from a few minutes on paper to 10 minutes on glass.
  • Use Soufflé for gift tags, glass or ceramic tree ornaments, cards, altered books, rubber stamping, and cell phone embellishments. 

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