Fine Art Brush (Individual)

Fine Art Brush (Individual)

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- Available in 2 types - round & flat
- Brushes hair / bristles are made of taklon synthetic fibre
- Golden Seamless ferrule
- Brushes have short handles
- Handles of brushes are made from season wood to withstand all season
- Barcode & price printed on each brush
- Ideal for school students, fine art college students, hobbyists, fabric
painters, fashion designers, fine artists & commercial artists
- Ideal for painting with Acrylic colours, Fabric Colours, Water Colour Cakes &
Tubes, Poster Colours & Oil colours
- Round Brushes (S-412) To paint decorative strokes & detail lines
using the brush tip. Ideal for Elementary & Intermediate Drawing Grade
- Flat Brushes (S-413) To paint large areas by using full width of the brush.
To create fine lines using edge of flat brush. Ideal for one stroke painting

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